Friday, January 27, 2006

Return To IM Langkawi - Reflection

Friday, 27 January 2006 - 4 more weeks to Race Day. Looking forward to the long CNY holidays ahead to complete the final phase of the training (bye-bye CNY celebrations). Hope to log some serious mileage over the next few days and will start my taper thereafter.

Training has progressed nicely save for the minor food poisoning during the X'mas weekend and IM Langkawi's announcement in mid-December 2005 that the race was called off. Glad the food poisioning did not weaken my body too much and I bounced back nicely after a few day's rest. My heart sank and I felt completely lost when IM Langkawi announced the cancellation of the race. But their confirmation 2 days later that the race is back on made me feel ALIVE again.

IM odometer to date (since November 2005) - Swim 70km/ Bike 1,636km/ Run 492km. Longest swim 1x3500, longest bike ride 185km and longest run 43km.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Return To IM Langkawi - Swimming

Tuesday, 24 January 2006 - Skipped the regular track session and went swimming instead. Needed to rest the legs after the 30km run last Sunday and was worried that I might have injured myself due to the numerous long runs recently.

Logged 1x3500 solo (without pull bouy this time) in 1:14:20. Mentally broke the swim down into 7 segments of 500m each and felt quite comfortable thru'out the swim.

It's All About The Bike

TT ought to be grateful that I have not come to this.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Return To IM Langkawi - Great Eastern Pacesetter 30k

Sunday, 22 January 2006. Glad I recovered nicely from yesterday's climb and arrived at the starting line of this race feeling fresh. Took the event as a training race and ran the 1st 10km easy. Then, the pain on my left arch re-lapsed in the 2nd 10km and was forced to continue with the easy pace. Surprisingly, the pain subsided when I got to the 20km mark and I started racing only in the last 10km. Completed the race in 2:52:36. Not sure of my position but that was not important

Distance - 30km/ Total Time - 2:52:36
Route : Tapak A (Lake Gardens) - Double Hills - Bkt Aman - Sri Hartamas - Bkt Aman - Tapak A (LG)

Split Time :
Tapak A - Double Hills 1:07:22
Bkt Aman - Sri Hartamas 0:56:32 2:03:55
Sri Hartamas - Bkt Aman 0:48:41 2:52:36

Ave HR - 149/ HR Zone Pts - 510

Return To IM Langkawi - Back At The Mountains

Saturday, 21 January 2006 - Good to be back at the mountains. This is my all-time favourite ride. I always come here when I feel down and needed a boost in confidence.

Started the ride from the Orang Asli Hospital (OAH) car park and climbed about 15km to Genting Sempah (Sempah) as my warm up. After a brief stop at Sempah, I started the main climb all the way to the Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands- non-stop/ solo. The main climb measured approximately 18km, average gradient of 10% and peaked at > 5000 feet above sea level. It was a sunny day with almost clear blue sky but the high altitude made the climb felt cool thru'out. My lower back started to ache as I approached the Pagoda (2.9km to the summit). I endured the pain anyway and was determined not to stop anywhere except at the top. Re-fueled myself with a packet of PowerGel shortly before Pagoda and felt re-charged. Conquered this monster (i.e. Sempah - Theme Park) in 1:37:52 (PB - 1:33:55 in 2005). Felt completely exhausted at the end of the climb.

Cruised back down to Sempah and added a McD Climb - a steep (10%) 2-tier 1.0km climb at the foothill of Genting Highlands, the same place where I often do my hill repeats (see previous entry dated 1/1/06). I felt strong and was determined to go as fast as I could. I attacked the hill off the saddle twice and surprised myself by logging a decent 4:35 (PB - 4:07 in 2005) despite having climbed Genting Highlands.

Cruised back to the OAH carpark and enjoyed the fresh air at the same time.

Total Distance - 75km
Route : OAH - Sempah - Gohtong Jaya - Pagoda - Theme Park - Pagoda - Gohtong Jaya - Sempah - McD Climb - OAH
Ave HR - 129; HR Zone Pts - 514

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Return To IM Langkawi - Hard Core Training

Monday, 16 January 2006, swam 1x3500m with pull buoy solo at Chin Woo in 1hr 11 mins. Yesterday's long ride did not affect my form too much at the pool. Felt comfortable thru'out except tired arms in the last 500m.

Tuesday, 17 January 2006, speed work at Kampung Pandan Sports Complex (KPSC) with Mr Chan and gang. Ran in the 2nd group & menu for the day was:-

4x400 Warm Up
6x400 @ 2:20 - 1:42/ 1:40/ 1:39/ 1:37/ 1:37/ 1:34
6x400 @ 2:10 - 1:41/ 1:35/ 1:36/ 1:34/ 1:34/ 1:32
6x400 @ 2:00 - 1:39/ 1:34/ 1:34/ 1:34/ 1:30/ 1:31
3x400 @ 1:55 - 1:28/ 1:30/ 1:25
3x400 @ 2:40 - 2:18/ 2:11/ 2:22 (Cool Down)
1x400 EZ

Total Distance - 11.6 km

Felt strong thru' out the session and did not suffer too much. The trick was to control the pace & do not push too hard too early. Priority was for completion of the programme without dropping a rep.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Return To IM Langkawi - Recovery Week

Recovery Week : 9 January 2006 - 15 January 2006
Not a typical recovery week - rode >180km twice this week, 1st ride was on Tuesday, 10 January 2006 at Langat (see earlier entry) and 2nd was on Sunday, 15 January 2006 at Putrajaya. Total mileage for the week was 369km, quite a huge number by my standards.
After a 3-week block of hard training, a recovery week was most welcomed. Rested on Monday and Saturday. Swam easy an Wednesday. Did some solo drills and logged a mere 1500m only. Felt tired & slow that day and was glad I skipped the regular session. Took things easy at the track on Thursday. Completed the set time programme comprising 5 x 400 @ 2:20 + 5 x 400 @ 2:10 + 5 x 400 @ 2:00 comfortably. Ended the day with a new PB in 1x400. Logged 1:08 and shaved 5 seconds off previous PB of 1:13 recorded in 2005. Joined the regular swim session on Friday. Did not suffer too much to complete the programme - felt fresher after 2 easy days.
Went to Sg Gabai waterfalls with TT on Saturday. Had our favourite breakfast at 14th mile and relaxed at the waterfall for 3 long hours.
Back to work on Sunday and logged 185km on the bike plus a 7km run at Putrajaya. Plan for the day was 1x33km loop + 2x57km loop + 1x33km loop. Started the day with Moh. Then, Mon joined us in the 1st 57km loop. Half way thru' the 1st 57km loop, Moh's spokes gave way and he hitched a ride back to the car park while Mon & I pedalled on. Mon end his ride after the 2nd 57km loop and I went on solo for the last 33km loop. Rode an extra 3.5km around the Putra Round About easy before heading back to the car park.
Had a quick transition and ran 2 x Putra RdAbt (3.5km per loop). Felt light and comfortable thru'out the run. It started to rain in the 2nd loop. Probably due to the cool weather, mid-way thru' the 2nd loop, I felt I could run forever. I was forced to stop at the end of 2nd loop and called it a day due to pain on my left arch. I was wearing my new Mizuno shoes. I had the same problem when I first wore it last week & I guess I have to retire a brand new shoes after today's run. I was quite surprised to fell fairly fresh at the end of the long session.
Route :
33km Loop - Putrajaya - Cyberjaya - Deserted Highway - Putrajaya
57km Loop - Putrajaya - Cyberjaya - LimKokWing Extension - KLIA Toll - Deserted H - Putrajaya.
Split Time :
1 x 33km - 1:16:00
2 x 57km - 2:12:00/ 2:08:00
1 x 33km - 1:09:00
1x3.5km - 0:09:00 (EZ)
Total Time - 6:45:00
Total Distance -185km
Average Speed - 27.4km/h
2 x 3.5km - 19:23/ 18:20
This is Moh at Powerman Malaysia 2005, an Ironman he is -

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Return To IM Langkawi - Marathon & Long Ride

Another excellent weekend, swam 3.3km on Friday, 6 January 2006, bike intervals on trainer on Saturday, 7 January 2006, sub-4 hour marathon on Sunday, 8 January 2006 and rode 184 km on Tuesday, 10 January 2006.

Long Run - My first ever sub-4 hour marathon. Ran with Coach Chan and the KPSC gang. Recovered nicely from last Monday's 35 km run and was comfortable thru'out run. The cloudy & cool weather, Mr Chan's support and the company of fellow runners were the main reasons behind this new PB.

Total Distance - 43 km; Total Time - 3:55:32
Route : Bkt Aman - Sri Hartamas - Bkt Aman - Double Hill - 5 x Lake Garden Loops
Ave HR 149; HR Zone Pts - 699
Ave Pace 5:28

Long Ride - longest ride so far for this season. Rode with Don, Simon Lau and Barry Lee. Again, ended the ride with the Tekali Climb solo and logged an Ironman bike distance.

Total Distance - 184 km; Total Time - 6:57:46
Route : 14th - 18th - Pangsun - 18th - Peres Junction - Peres Summit - Gading Junction - Titi - Gading J - Peres Summit - Peres J - Tekala - Semenyih Junction - Tekala - Peres J - 18th - 14th - Tekali - Summit - Tekali - 14th

Ave HR 131; HR Zone Pts - 884
Ave Speed 26.4 km/h

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Return To IM Langkawi - Long Ride & Run

What I great weekend!!! Hill repeats on Saturday 31/12/05, long ride (150km) on Sunday 1/1/06 and long run (35km) on Monday 2/1/06.

Long Ride - Rode in Ulu Langat on Sunday - started with Don & gang and added some 30 km solo at the end of the day. Logged several strong time trials - Peres Junction to Summit Climb in 26:09 (PB - 24:53), Dam Climb in 3:34 (PB - also 3:34 set way back in 2003) and Peres J to 18th in 14:42 (PB - 14:30).

Total Distance - 150 km; Total Time - 5:21:50

Route : 14th mile - 18th mile - Pangsun - 18th - Peres J - Summit - Peres J - Nirwana - Semenyih Junction - Nirwana - Peres J - 18th - Pangsun (again) - 18th - 14th - Tekali - Summit -Tekali - 14th

Ave HR 139; HR Zone Pts - 818
Ave Speed 27.7km/h

Long Run - Ran with Mr Chan and KPSC gang on Monday. Did not feel too tired at the start of the run despite yesterday's long ride. Did not push too hard and felt comfortable thru'out the run. Felt good that I could manage some serious mileage on the bike and run back to back.

Total distance - 35 km; Total Time - 3:11:49
Route : Bkt Aman - Sri Hartamas - Bkt Aman - 8km Loop - 3 x Lake Gardens Loops
Ave HR 146; HR Zone Pts - 528
Ave Pace 5:27

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Return To IM Langkawi - Bike Training

Saturday, 31 December 2005, Last ride for the year - started at 8.30 a.m. Plan for the day was to do some hill repeats at Genting Sempah. I started the ride from the OAH car park with the LeTua guys (Sham, Zamani, Shukor and others) and they rode to Genting Sempah and back. I shot to the front after an extended warm-up. Before the little waterfall, I thought Zamani was behind me but was surprised to see the young bloke when I looked over my shoulders. I pushed a little and dropped him effortlessly. When I looked back again, I could only see another rider in green jersey but I could not make out who it was. I pushed off the saddle several times and reached Sempah in 55:23. I was surprised to see Shukor coming in behind me – he was the rider in green jersey I saw earlier. Then it was Zamani & the young bloke together followed by Sham and the others not too far behind.

After some 30 minutes chat with them, I went on to do my hill repeats - solo. It was my usual 8 x McDonald’s Climbs. For the first time, the 8 repeats felt easy and before I knew it I was down to the last rep. On previous occasions, I would start to feel like giving up when I got to the 4th or 5th rep. But today, I was hungry for the next rep. Attacked off saddle twice in the last rep and logged fastest split of 4:21 and was 14 seconds off personal best of 4:07 recorded on 12/2/05.

Rep 1
Rep 2
Rep 3
Rep 4
Rep 5
Rep 6
Rep 7
Rep 8

I thought of adding a couple of bonus reps but decided otherwise as I needed to conserve for tomorrow’s long ride with Don Khor and gang. Cruised back to the car park and finished the ride at around 12.00 p.m. Was relieved that I have recovered fully from last week's bout of food poisoning.