Tuesday, February 17, 2009


16 February 2009 - Field day at Sg Pisang . Last visited with my Baby back in 2003 (it was one of our very first dates).

As today was a working day, there wasn't a soul there & I ended up all by myself in the jungle for more than 3 hours. The trek started from Jungle Lodge, located 2km from Orang Asli Hospital in Gombak (popular starting point for bike rides to Genting Sempah, Genting Highlands, Janda Baik, Bentong, Raub & Frasers Hill).

A short stroll from Jungle Lodge is this, a "water in-take" facility (for Syabas, I presumed).

This gate was unlocked in the old days but the guard there told me that it is now off limits and I had to cross the river from outside this gate. He was surprised that I was treking alone and advised me against it. "Saya tinggal sini pun tak berani masuk seorang", he said.

I had to cross this river (Sg Gombak, I think) to get to the next landmark, which is these massive monsoon drains.

These may be drains by definition but the water is crystal clear. Here is where Sg Pisang flows into Sg Gombak. I couldn't agree more with the red markings "Taman Hayalan" (which should be spelt "Taman Khayalan" or "fantasy garden").
It was noisy here-sound from vehicles passing by could be heard. These drains are actually under the Karak Highway. Made a last phone call to Teresa before I proceeded because there would be no coverage beyond these tunnels.
Looked scary from here. One could imagine rats in there (like in Indiana Jones movie). But there is nothing filthy here, just crystal clear water of Sg Pisang.
The trek is quite straight forward. I simply had to follow the river upstream. The scary part was that I would probably be all by myself from this point onwards and had no phone coverage. It would be just me and the JUNGLE.

The sound of traffic from Karak Highway was soon replaced by sound of insects, birds chirping, gushing water and my foot steps.

I was freaking out at some point but what the heck, I can't turn back now!!!

This big rock has always been the next landmark to look out for, simply to be sure that I am on the right track. Its about 2/3rd of the way here.
First sight of the waterfall (in the background beyond my kit) after treking for approximately 50 minutes (from Jungle Lodge).

Ladies & Gents - Sg Pisang Waterfall.
Felt like coming home. I missed this place.

Had to climb this slope to get to the other pool upstream.
Sat here with my Baby (back-to-back) many years ago.
This was what we saw when we looked up.

The other pool.
Couldn't resist a dip into the water.
Crystal clear.

Water Spider.
Took the short cut back to civilisation via Karak Highway.

Tunnel at start of trek (near the gate), purportedly dug by communists.

Hey I brought my bike too.
Post ride to Genting Sempah and back.


3 February - 12 February 2009

Perth International Airport
Perth City

Perth City - View from King's Park

The Whole Gang - The Tong Family

King's Park

Perth City - Night View

(More photos coming)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


1 February 2009 - Back On The Bike

Weight : >60kg
Resting Heart Rate Pre-Ride : 80 bpm (used to be in the mid-40s)
Route : Home - Meranti - Cyberjaya - Meranti - Home
Distance : 53km
Average Speed : 24km/h
Average Heart Rate (during ride) : 149bpm or 83% max HR
Maximum Heart Rate : 181 bpm (during a short 500m climb near Lim Kok Wing University)
Perceived Work Load: Heavy (felt like > 100km bike ride)

Sharp contrast to one year ago :(

....and all my pants are really tight now & I really missed Ironman training!!!