Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Photos thanks to Tey, Peir Chyun, Robin Yap & Steven Pan

One of my favourite races. This year was special to me. I clocked my worst ever finishing time but I was simply glad I made it there.
Oli, Wei Ming, Kenneth, James & Chee Whay
My best timing in training for this year's edition was a 21:24. Was targeting to dip 21 minutes but an old back injury came back and haunted me a few days prior to race day. So bad that I couldn't stand up straight. Walking and deep breathing were painful.

Took an injection from my GP to relieve the pain on the Saturday before race day. Then, took pain killers and muscle relaxant in the few days thereafter. Coupled with good rubs from my Teresa, my back loosened up nicely come Tuesday, 20 September 2011.

But I felt weak from my lack of activity in the week before that and perhaps from the pills that I popped. Didn't tell my team mates of my injury. As the Rat Race was also a team event (team of 5 runners), where the fastest team time wins, I kept the problem to myself so to maintain team spirit. Although we knew that there was no way we could end up on the podium, we hoped to improve on our overall position and probably crack into a top 10 spot.
Guys, I have got a problem
I had two options. To take things easy and pace my 2 other team mates for a 24 or 25 minutes run or to go "all out". The sensible guy in me told me to slow down but the athlete in me said "all out". I didn't decide which to take until a few minutes before the gun went off.

Unlike previous years, I started easy. The competition in this years edition was very high. At that pace in previous years, I would still be amongst the 1st or 2nd chase groups. But this year, I was way behind by the time we got on to Jln Raja Chulan (about 500m into the race).
Started EZ
Up my tempo a little when I got to Wisma Genting (circa 1km mark) and regained some positions but found that I was already at a pace slightly below being painful.

My usual competitions started over taking me by the time I got to KLCC (nearing 2km). I have been in this race for some many years, I knew the faces of some guys from SGX, RHB and CIMB. In a good year, I would beat them but I would lose out in bad one. 2011 was meant to be another of those bad ones and I had no choice but to let them go.

The long hill after Shangri-La (circa 3.5km) was my usual hunting ground. Most runners would slow down and it was a perfect place to regain lossed positions. However, this year I became the hunted. With only 1 km to go, my mind wanted me to push harder but the body disobeyed. Kept going at the same pace since Wisma Genting, I finished the race in 22:06, my worst ever at the Rat Race.

Was glad I opted to go "all out". Not much of an "all out" effort but I was please with my timing giving the condition I was in. Also, glad I was there and not miss the fun.

Boys Will Be Boys

Next stop, Adidas King of The Road - 10km road race on 2 October 2011.