Saturday, June 28, 2008


11 May 2008....

Iain, Chung Hwa & tt were there for me. Good to be back at A Famosa. Last there in 2005.

Photos thanks to tt, Iain & Tey.

Family Photo - Pre Race

Out Of Water
Unnecessary...I think they pumped the water from the same pond I just swam in.


Exited T2 With Cramp, right thigh.

Right thigh loosened up nicely shortly out of T2

Coming Home

Yes !!!!!! This Is My Life!!!!

2:41:00 - 9th in my new age group on 40 - 49

Race Post Mortem With Iain, Chung Hwa Looking Bored

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Now, where was I???? Ahhhh...... the Ironman Malaysia 2008 (23 February 2008 & seemed like a life time away) ..... took me 14 hours 40 minutes 30 seconds to complete.

Photos thanks to TT and Tey.

With Oo & Faris Al Sultan-caught him during race briefing

Me, German Guy, Flying Blond Yvonne Van Lerken & Oo

Race Day With My Family

With My Bro

Out of Water - 3.8km Swim

Yes !!! This Is My Life!!!!

Finishing Bike 180 km

42km To Run - Why Am I Doing This??
Mrs Oo, Janice Oo, tt & Iain

Suffering But Glad To Be Here

IM medal No 4 -
Very painful race this time around (with a knee injury) but it was
WORTH it!!!

Post Race Excursions