Thursday, January 21, 2010


Week 8 : 11/1/10 - 17/1/10

A double puncture + a big hill almost derailed my long ride on Saturday. Despite the odds, I logged a 181km ride that felt like forever.

Monday, 11/1

(p.m.) Run EZ 2km + 1 hour Flying Wheels @ Celebrity Fitness ("Cel Fit")

Tues, 12/1

(a.m.) Swim 400 EZ + 1x2000 Paddles with Pull Buoy + 400 KB @ Cel Fit
(p.m.) Run Treadmill 1km EZ + 9km Intervals (6 x 5mins Hard/ 5 mins EZ) + 1km EZ + Weights @ Cel Fit

Wed, 13/1

(p.m.) Bike 20min EZ Spin + 1hour Flying Wheels + Stretching @ Cel Fit

Thu, 14/1

(p.m.) Run @ KLCC with Ronnie See & his gang;
2 KLCC Laps EZ + 5 Laps Hard + 5 Laps (10k Pace) (total 15km)

Missed this place so much.

Fri, 15/1

(p.m.) Swim @ Chin Woo 1x3200

Saturday, 16/1

(a.m.) Bike 181km, same drill (well almost)

Home (Puchong) - Meranti - Cyberjaya - SKVE - Country Heights - Kajang - Grand Saga - 9th Mile Langat - 14th Mile - Bukit Ampang - Tmn Putra - Bkt Ampang - 14th Mile - 18th Mile - Peres Junction - Semenyih Dam - Nirwana - Semenyih - Beranang - Mantin - Nilai - Pajam - Salak Tinggi - Jenderam - Putrajaya - PICC - Cyberjaya - Meranti - Home

Rear tyre was deflated by the time I got to 14th Mile of Ulu Langat (with only a mere 45km on my cycle computer). Changed into my spare tube but broke the valve because I pumped too hard to get maximum pressure from my pathetic hand pump. My spare came with a 60mm valve, which was rather fragile.

So I was strandled, alone with no more spare tube or patch. Call tt to arrange a rescue mission. But she was not familiar with Langat & wouldn't know how to find me. So, the plan was for me to find my own way to my in-laws in Tmn Putra in Cheras (which is a climb away over Bkt Ampang) & she wld pick me up from there.

I had a few options. Push my bike over Bkt Ampang or hitch a ride over Bkt Ampang or fix back the original tube, which had a tiny puncture & was only deflating slowly, & climb Bkt Ampang with multiple stops to re-inflate my rear wheel.
I bet any cyclist would opt for the latter. So, off I went & climbed Bkt Ampang as quickly as possible. To my surprise, the tube held up nicely until I reach the top of climb (at the Look-Out Point). Got off my bike, pumped in some air & descented towards the Cheras side of Bkt Ampang.

Then, it crossed my mind that there is a bike shop just a stone throw away from my in-laws. Without hesitation, I ditched the rescue plan, rode straight to the bike shop, fixed my wheel, got myself a spare, called tt to cancel rescue mission & carried on with my planned long ride.

Pit Stop At The Garage

The shop owner commented that it was too hot to ride. It was already 11 a.m. but I was determined to stick to my original plan as much as possible. So it was Bkt Ampang again. Got back to 14th Mile of Langat & took the usual route home thru Mantin & Nilai but with a slight modification due to time constraints.

Missed my usual papaya at Broga as I took the direct way from Semenyih to Mantin, which was rather congested with traffic. Ended the day at 4.30 p.m. feeling totally drained due to poor nutritional discipline (survived the entire 181k with 1 Powerbar, a couple of mini Cloud 9 & tonnes of Gatorade and 100Plus - missing the papaya didn't help).

Sunday, 17/1

Woke up at 6 a.m. Heard my body screaming "REST!!!!". Adhered to a very important rule in training - "Listen To Your Body" & rested.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Tan Sri Syed Yusof - Owner of Concorde Hotel, KL & Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


WEEK 7 : 4/1/10 - 10/1/10

I really needed this. Completed a 6-week block of training, some good rest is overdue.

Didn't do much except:-

Wed, 12/1 : (p.m.) Swim 1,800m Drills

Thu, 13/1 : (p.m) Swim Drills 1,200 Drills

Fri, 14/1 : (p.m.) Swim 1x3000


Saw this during a recent long ride. Location - Salak Tinggi b4 De Palma Climb.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


WEEK 6 : 28/12/09 - 3/1/10

Mon, 28/12 : Rest

Wanted to do a 10k on the treadmill. Got to the gym only to realise I didn't have my pad locks (for the lockers) with me. Great excuse for a little slack.

Tues, 29/12 :

(a.m.) Swim Drills @ Celebrity Fitness ("Cel Fit")
(p.m.) Run Treadmil Intervals @ Cel Fit 1 km Warm-Up + 6x5mins Hard/ 5mins EZ + 1km Cool Down

Wed, 30/12 :

(a.m.) Swim Drills @ Cel Fit
(p.m.) Run Tmill @ Cel Fit 1km Warm-Up + 10km Random Inclines + 5mins EZ

Thurs, 31/12 : Rest

Cel Fit closed early for New Year's Eve, another great excuse for some slack & catch up on some family time (it's New Year's Eve afterall).

Fri, 1/1/2010 : Bike 204km Solo

Same drill, rode from home to Ulu Langat, Semenyih, Broga, Mantin, Nilai, Salak Tinggi, Jenderam, Putrajaya, home & enjoyed every minute of it!!!

Sat 2/1/10 : Run 25km Solo

(a.m.) Same drill (well almost). Ran from home to Cyberjaya & back. Was meant to repeat a 31km run but lacked the discipline & made an early u-turn. Felt slow & heavy thru'out run.

Sun 3/1/10 :

(a.m.) Woke up at 6 a.m. & all set for a 100k ride. But rain derailed my plans. Don't mind the rain, as long as I'm already out riding. But rain b4 leaving the house was another of my excuse for more slack.

(p.m.) Bike 60km to make up for the slack in the morning & HOORAY start of my scheduled Recovery Week.