Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Tuesday, 11/1/11

Back at the Kg Pandan track for the 1st time in years. Good to see coach, Mr. Chan, again. Short session but tough since I was like starting all over again with speed training.

Menu was pretty sraight forward, just 400m set time.

1000EZ + 800 warm-up + 4x400 @ 2:20 + 5x400 @ 2:00 (skipped the 3rd rep at coach's instruction) + 3x400 @ 2:30 + 4x400 @2:00 + 800EZ (total 8.6km)

Will make it a point to do speed work at least once a week, if workload at the office permits.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


I missed training days like this:-

Ironman Training in 2006


Wednesday, 5 Jan 2011
8.00 p.m.

Renewed my Chin Woo membeship & returned to training at the pool under the instructions of Don Khor. It has been more more than 2 years since I last completed a full training session with them. What would have been an EZ session a couple of years ago turned out to be very painful now that I am quite unfit.

The menu was 100 EZ + 8x100 Pull Buoy + 8x50 Kick Board with Fins + 8x100 Paddles with Fins + 16x50 (drills) + 100 EZ (total = 3km).
The set of 16x50 was most painful and comprised 5 x 3x50 (25 Butterfly/ 25 Front Crawl (FC) + 25 Backstroke/ 25 FC + 25 Breast Stroke/ 25 FC) + 1x50 FC. As one of the slower swimmers in the pool, I had to push hard so that I would have a short rest interval before the next rep.
At one stage in the 16x50, I had to switch my mind off the pain & pushed off the wall "mindlessly" when the coach shouted "READY.....GO!!!"

Saturday, January 08, 2011


Just signed up for these:-
1) Bareno 21km Run 13 March 2011 http://www.themarathonshop.com.my/events/bareno2010/

2) Energizer Night Marathon 16 April 2011http://www.energizernightrace.com.my/

and 8 more days b4 Stand Chart KL Marathon is open for registration.

2011 will to be an ACTIVE year for me.


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19 Feb Putrajaya Wilayah Day Run (10km), Putrajaya
20 Feb KL Wilayah Day Run (10km), Dataran Merdeka
6 Mar KL Towerthon, KL Tower
13 Mar Bareno Run (21km), Bkt Jalil
27 Mar (tentative) Kenyir Lake Triathlon (Swim 1.5k-Bike 40k-Run 10k)
16 Apr Energizer Nite Marathon, Sepang F1 Circuit
24 Apr (tentative) Bidor Half Marathon
24 Apr (tentative) Kapas Swimathon (Swim 6.5km), Kapas Island
1 May Borneo Marathon, Kota Kinabalu
xx May (pray hard) Ironman Malaysia (Swim 3.8k-Bike 180k-Run42k), Langkawi
8 May Coca Cola Run (10km), Dataran Merdeka
1 Jun New Balance 15km Run, Lake Gardens (KL)
26 Jun Standard Chartered KL Marathon, Dataran Merdeka
10 Jul Siemens Run (10km), Dataran Merdeka
10 Jul (tentative) Seremban Half Marathon
17 Jul Olympic Day Run, Dataran Merdeka
24 Jul Port Dickson Triathlon (Swim 1.5k-Bike 40k-Run10k)
30 Jul Shape Nite Run (10km), Putrajaya
xx Jul (pending) Malakoff University Duathlon Series 1 (Run-Bike-Run)
xx Aug (pending) Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2
xx Aug (pending) Malakoff University Duathlon Series 3
xx Aug (pending) The Edge-Bursa Rat Race (Run 4.5k)
24 Sep (tentative) Desaru Triathlon (Swim 2k-Bike 90k-Run 21k)
23 Oct Mount Kinabalu Climbathon (21km, vertical limit)
30 Oct New Balance 30km Run, Lake Gardens (KL)

30 Oct Genting Trailblazer, Genting Highlands
13 Nov Powerman Malaysia (Run 11k-Bike 64k-Run 10k), Manjung, Perak
20 Nov Penang Bridge Marathon
4 Dec Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon
19 Dec Malakoff 12km Run