Monday, November 28, 2011


Sunday, 13 November 2011

"Photo thanks to Victor Chong"

Once again, my ability to complete a Powerman was put to test. With very little training, I approached the task in hand very conservatively.

Ran the first 11km at an EZ pace and clocked 0:57:34 (51:11 in 2010). I must have taken it too EZ that the 11km felt like forever to complete.

Clocked 2:05:29 for the 64km bike (2:00:47 in 2010). Was on target with my planned average speed of slightly over 30km/h thru'out the bike course. As in previous years, I was careful not to draft behind other cyclists. Enjoyed the bike segment very much. The pace was just nice - not pushing too hard and good enough to regain some positions lossed during the 1st 11km run. Also, felt strong thru'out the bike segment, mainly due proper rehydration and care with my nutritional needs.

Took things EZ in the last transition to the 10km run. For a change, I had a bottle of Endurox (recovery drink) at the transition before I headed out for the final segment of the race. By then, the sun was already at its most glorious state.

Enjoyed the last 10km run under the scorching sun. Hot and sunny but that's the kind of challenge I like to put myself through. As usual, both my hamstring started pulling about 1 km into the run. Was reduced to a slow jog and I prayed hard to God to take  my cramps away. Didn't stop or walk. Experience told me that if I kept jogging and prayed hard enough, my cramps will go away.

True enough and like an answered prayer, the cramps went away about 2-3km into the run. I increased my pace a little and by the time I finished the 1st of the 2 loops, I actually felt like I had not had enough yet!! Can't believe I am writing this but I actually thot to myself "Yahoo....I still have another 5km to run".

Finished my 10km run in 1:04:56 (1:05:39 in 2010). Overall, 4:12:04 (net time) compared to 4:00:14 in 2010.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


A few more days to my main race for the year and i am so unfit. Save for a few rides and runs here and there, I didn't do much in the run up to race  day except skipping training mostly in exchange for longer hours with my lap top.

And for the first time in years, i have not updated my training log for close to 2 months (i have diligently recorded all my workouts in a log book for years). So, this blog wasn't the only thing that i have abandoned after all.

A quick check on last year's training log scares the shit out of me. One thing for sure, I am so unprepared for this Sunday's race.

How on earth am i gonna run 11km, bike 64km and run another 10km??