Friday, December 30, 2005

Return To Ironman Langkawi

30 December 2005, I am going there again in February 2006. Save for the minor food poisoning I suffered last weekend, training has progressed nicely. Mileages logged since November 2005 – swim 47 km, bike 900km and run 320km. Been slowly and patiently building up the mileage. Longest swim thus far was 3.0 km, longest bike 166km and longest run 31km. I have a little over a month to build up to slightly over race distance before a think about tapering 3 weeks prior to race day.

30km Practice Run - with friend John Tan

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Previous Races - PD Tri 2005

17 July 2005, Race Day at PD - it was good to be back at Port Dickson Tri for the 3rd time. TT was there with me that day. Had a good race and finished in 2:30:52 (2004 : 2:38:33).

Setting Up
Swim Start

Run to T1
Azwar & I