Thursday, November 15, 2012


4 November 2012

Race Day Powerman Malaysia 2012.

(Photos thanks to Tey Eng Tiong, Victor Chong, Johar, Chan WK, AShe Ek, Kahwai Gallery, Yvonne Teo and Zoe Chan - you made my race MEMORABLE)

Bib Collection


Transition Area

First 11.4km in 0:58:36. Did not push too hard , conserve for the long day ahead.

1st 11.4k Run

64km Bike

Had a good ride, except for 2 minor setbacks i.e. pulled my right calf midway in 1st lap, then pulled left hamstring midway of 2nd lap. Recovered fast but lost some time and positions. Finished the 64km bike leg in 2:05:41, on target with average speed of slightly above 30km/h.

Best moments on the bike - zooming pass the crowd after 1st lap. The crowd was fantastic. Cheering and snapping away their cameras. Am not an elite but the crowd made me feel like one.

Rained in the first 2km of the last run leg. But rain stopped and sun came out. Pulled my right hamstring 1km into the run but recovered before 2km mark. 

In pain - 2nd 11.4km run.

Approaching Finish Line - 4:25:29
Hard Earned Medal - Nothing Comes Easy


2nd phase of my training (October 2012) did not go according to plan due to various reasons.

Key workouts were 3 Run/Bike/Run sessions (10km run + 50km bike + 4km run), a 21km run (at Putrajaya Nite Marathon), a couple of 10km runs and a 90km bike.

Quite a low volume for the race that I was preparing for. By race week, I believed I have gained some weight.

Nevertheless, thought I was better prepared compared to Powerman 2011.