Friday, January 30, 2009

Le Tour De Langkawi


Feb 9: Putrajaya-Senawang (135km)

Feb 10: Senawang-Malacca (161.7km)

Feb 11: Malacca-Malaca (186.6km)

Feb 12: Malacca-Bangi (222.2km)

Feb 13: Petaling Jaya-Genting Highlands (95.6km)

Feb 14: Batang Kali-Shah Alam (148.4km)

Feb 15: KL criterium (80.4km).


Too bad I am not going to be there, Sad :(

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ironman Malaysia Triathlon organisers are confident they can attract 1,000 participants for the race in Langkawi on Feb 28. Race director A. Chandrakumanan said the event had attracted 718 people so far. This, he said, was still encouraging because of the limited participation of European triathletes due to the winter season. “Most of the participants who have confirmed their participation so far are from Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Australia and Malaysia,” he said yesterday.

Aussie wonder: Belinda Granger crossing the finish line in front at last year’s Ironman Malaysia Triathlon. She will be defending her title on Feb 28 in Langkawi.
He expects the number of local participation to increase significantly by the closing date on Feb 15. Chandrakumanan said defending women’s champion Belinda Granger of Australia and 2007 men’s champion Luc Van Lierde of Holland were among 30 professional triathletes who have confirmed their participation.

Defending men’s champion Faris Al-Sultan of Germany is skipping the event due to injury.
The Langkawi Ironman features a gruelling multi-disciplined race comprising 3.8km swim, 180.2km cycling and 42km run. — Bernama


17 & 18 January 2009, Melaka

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Looks interesting. Skipping Ironman Malaysia & hope to be in Kenyir. Can't wait to bounce back and continue with my triathlon journey.

1) Ironman Malaysia - 28 Feb 2009
2) Kenyir Triathlon - 29 March 2009
3) PD Half Marathon - 5 April 2009
4) Kapas Swimathon - 12 April 2009
5) Kuantan Triathlon - 26 April 2009
6) Larian Bomba - 10 May 2009
7) New Balance 15k - 17 May 2009
8) Kuantan Off-Road Triathlon - 7 June 2009
9) Standard Chartered KL Marathon - 28 June 2009
10) PD Triathlon - 12 July 2009
11) Desaru Triathlon -1 August 2009
12) Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya - 23 August 2009
13) Perhentian Island Challenge - 10 October 2009
14) Penang Bridge Marathon - 22 November 2009
15) Sarawak Triathlon - 28 November 2009


An article I read some years ago but was long forgotten since...I wish I never did.
"An investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellow fin tuna. The banker complimented the fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them.

The fisherman replied, “Only a little while.”

The banker then asked, “Why didn’t you stay out longer and catch more fish?” The fisherman said, “With this I have more than enough to support my family’s needs.” The banker then asked, “But what do you do with the rest of your time?” The fisherman said, “I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, go for walks with my wife, stroll into the village each evening where I sip wine and play guitar with my friends. As you can see, I have a full and busy life.”

The banker scoffed, “I am a Harvard MBA and can help you. You should spend more time fishing; and with the proceeds, buy a bigger boat! With the proceeds from the bigger boat you could buy several boats.

“Eventually you would have a fleet of fishing boats. Instead of selling your catch to a middleman you would sell directly to the processor, eventually opening your own cannery. You would control the product, processing and distribution.

“You would need to leave this small coastal fishing village and move to the capital city. After that, who knows, maybe you could take on the world!”
The fisherman asked, “But, how long will this all take?” To which the banker replied, “I’d say about 15 to 20 years.”
“But what then?” asked the fisherman.

The banker laughed and said, “That’s the best part! When the time is right, you would announce an IPO and sell your company stock to the public and become very rich, you would make millions.”

“Millions?…Then what?” the fisherman continued prodding.

The banker said, “Then you would retire. Move to a small coastal fishing village where you would sleep late, fish a little, play with your kids, go for romantic walks with your wife, and in the evenings you could sip wine, play guitar and sing songs with your friends!”

To which the fisherman mused, “Now, isn’t that strange? Isn’t that what I’m doing now?”