Tuesday, February 07, 2012


4 - 7 February 2012

Was meant to ride 4 days in a row over the long weekend. But had a little too much drink (beer & whisky) on Sunday night and slept late (CNY gathering with family), so skipped riding on Monday.
Saturday, 4 Feb 2012 - 70km around Putrajaya

Sunday, 6 Feb 2012 - 90km around Putrajaya

Tuesday, 7 Feb 2012 - 70km OAH, Gombak - Gontong Jaya

Glad I took a day off on Monday, I returned on Tuesday with fresh legs which were crucial for climbing to Gontong Jaya. Opted to limit myself to Gohtong Jaya only (and not all the way to the top of Genting Highlands) as my fitness level was not quite there yet. 

Had a good ride from the Orang Asli Hospital (OAH) to Genting Sempah, a 16km climb. Not at my best but enjoyed the company of a group of young riders.

Climbed to Gohtong Jaya with them. Had a short refill break the usual mamak shop at Gohtong J and then, I rode down alone.

When I reach the foothill, I did something that I had never done before. I made a u-turn and climbed back to Gohtong J again. Strangely, I felt stronger on the 2nd climb.

Didn't stop at Gohtong J on the 2nd trip and rode back all the way to OAH.