Wednesday, June 29, 2011


BoldSunday, 26 June 2011

Same race, different day, different approach & different set of problems.

Missed my 4-hour target by 12 minutes 26 seconds. I started out much slower compared than last with a 30km split of 2:52:07 (2:44:16 in 2010). Unlike last year, I didn't get any cramps in the last 12km of the run. I believed I fed & rehydrated well and felt much fresher at that stage of the run than last year. Without the cramps, I thot I was on target to dip 4 hours.

Then, things turned south after turning into the Bukit Tunku area (think about 5km to go). My heels started to ache. Each step was a struggle - felt like a stick hitting my heels. Coupled with those damn hills at Bkt Tunku, I was reduced to a jog. Not looking for an excuse but I think the cushioning of my shoes were a little too hard for me.

Anyway, I enjoyed the run very much. The sub-4 hour would have been a bonus. My finishing time of 4:12:26 was good enough to rank 123rd out of 904 runners in the Men Veteran cetegory (age 40 & above).

According to my Polar watch, my average & highest heart rate were 160 bpm & 168 bpm respectively (or 87% & 92% of my maximum heart rate) and I burned 3,012 calories that morning.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sunday, 12 JUNE 2011

10 laps or 35km in the bag. Started at 6.30 a.m. and ended run shortly after 10.00 a.m. Nutrition = 4 packets of Power Gel. Ran out of water in last lap & was too hot to go full marathon distance. Guess I will save the effort for race day in a forthnight.


5 June 2011

Photos thanks to Tey.

Another of my favourite races. Clocked 1:14:20 and ranked 25th out of 155 in Junior Veteran category (Age 40-50) and 86th out of 1,120 overall. Average/ maximum heart rate 163/ 176 bpm.


17 May 2011

Part of my build-up to Standard Chartered KL Marathon. Target was 10 laps or 35km but started late and settled for 9 laps or 31.5km instead. Too hot to continue and ran out of water in 9th lap.