Sunday, April 19, 2009


29 March 2009 - Simply glad I made it to Kenyir Lake. Last raced in 2006( )

New Found Friends at Kenyir - Eugune Fong & Sharil Sharudin

Only managed to finish in 3:11:55 and struggled throughout all 3 disciplines (swim 36:47, bike 1:22:17 , run 1:07:59). Would have been devastated by such result in the past but I couldn't expect too much from myself this time around due to poor fitness ( just recovered from surgery in December 2008 - ), high stress level at the office & close to zero training in recent months.

The swim felt like forever. Arms felt weak thru'out & left toes almost cramped. Was alone most of the time riding out on the bike, simply couldn't find strenght to draft anyone and was dropped by almost everyone. Managed to tag behind 2 young riders from UPNM on the return leg and made up some time. Struggled on the last climb before entering T2 - almost pulled my right thigh in the process. Pulled my right hamstring 2km into the run and had to stop & stretched. Stephanie Chok lapped me and offered me PowerGel (thanks Steph). Recovered but walked on every inclines thereafter.

Have not taken so much time in completing an Olympic Distance triathlon (my first tri at A- Famosa in 2003 took me 3:05:15, altho I must add that Kenyir has a much tougher course-very hilly on the bike & run).

A quick check at my previous race results at Kenyir revealed the following:

2005 - 2:24:54
2006 - 2:48:11
2009 - 3:11:55

I guess age has finally caught up on me!!! 2005 results seemed so IMPOSSIBLE (I had a good ride back then-drafted thru'out bike & ran 50mins).

Pre-race excursion:-

Have always wanted to visit a waterfall at Kenyir. Did it finally - joined in a group of holiday makers from Singapore and had a great time visiting the Herbal Tea Garden (Tongkat Ali Tasting) and Saok Waterfalls.

Tongkat Ali Root
Tongkat Ali Brewery

Tongkat Ali Tasting With Julian and his gang (from Singapore)