Saturday, April 15, 2017

Post Project Yokohama

9 April, Sunday, Bike Ride To Titi

2nd ride to Titi for the year. Rode with Don again and started from his home at Jade Hills Kajang. Felt unfit throughout the ride and Don had to wait for me after 2 big climbs. 

Suffered big time on the return leg, particularly on the climb over Peres from Titi side of the ride. Was about 10 minutes slower than my usual 43 minutes over this climb. Was very hard and sunny throughout. Logged 145km by the time we finished riding.

Felt like Ironman training is well underway!!

12 April, Wednesday, Night Run at Putrajaya

Back at swimming pool in Putrajaya for another dose of solo night run. Last done on 21 February 2017 (pre-Powerman 2017).

Happy to be back and logged another 16km run.

14 April, Friday, Run (Tmill) + Swim (at Clubhouse)

Original plan was a swim. But a thunderstorm was brewing. So, switched to a 1km EZ + 10km (Hard)(55:52) + 1km EZ on the Treadmill.

Then, the thunderstorm was blown away. So, the session ended up as a run - swim brick, with a straight forward 1 x 1,000 Paddles with Pull Buoy.

15 April, Saturday, Run 

1st long run since Ironman 2015. 

Ran from home to Cyberjaya via MEX Highway - Pulau Meranti - Bandar Bukit Puchong 2 - LDP - Giant Seri Kembangan - Home.

Extremely tired, logged 28km by the end of the run and the timing was simply too embarrassing to be published here.

16 April, Sunday, Long Ride

Another 3 x Putrajaya - Cyberjaya loops 100km with Lee, Bey & Meng. The stiffness on the body vanished the minute I got onto my bike. 

1st back to back long distance since last Ironman in 2015. Glad to finish the ride strongly despite the tired mind and body. Now, a 100km on the bike felt like a short ride.

March 2017

Back at the races for 2017. Good start for the year with Powerman & Oceanman in March and very happy with my results.

5 March, Sunday, Powerman Malaysia, Putrajaya

Run 10km - Bike 60km - Run 10km

13 March, Monday, Run (Treadmill)

1km EZ, 10km (Hard) (55:52), 1km EZ

14 March, Tuesday, Swim (at Clubhouse)

80 x 50m Front Crawl
1st 50 reps @ 1:30; last 30 reps on 1:25. 

A big jump from the 60 x 50m done on 22/2/17. Excellent build-up to Oceanman.

19 March, Sunday, Oceanman Malaysia (Putrajaya Lake)

5km Swim

20 March, Monday, Swim (at Clubhouse)

1 x 500 EZ Front Crawl + 1 x 500 (Catch-Up Pull) + 8 x 50 Front Crawl (Hard) + 1x50 EZ (total 1,500m)

22 March, Wednesday, Run (Treadmill)

1 km EZ + 11km Hard (10k split 54:40, 11km split 59:40) + 1km EZ

23 March, Thursday, Swim - Run (Treadmill)

1 x 500 Front Crawl + 1 x 500 Paddles with Pull Buoy 
+ 5km Treadmill (Hard) + 1km EZ

26 March, Sunday, Bike at Putrajaya

Rode with Don and Lee, 3 x Putrajaya - Cyberjaya Loops totaling 100km.

27 March, Monday, Swim (Clubhouse)

1 x 500 Front Crawl + 1 x 500 Kickboard with Fins + 1 x 2000 Paddles with Pull Buoy + 10 x 50 Front Crawl with 10 push-ups after ever 50 + 1 x 500 EZ (total 4,000m)

28 March, Tuesday (Strength Training)

1km EZ (on Treadmill) + 10 x 1:30 planking @ 1:30 Rest Intervals + 3 x (30 push-ups + 15 sit-ups) + Weights