Friday, December 29, 2006


4 weeks have passed since my last log. Since then, I have started building on my long swim and currently at 1x2500m. Longest ride and run todate are 180km and 35km respectively and are by far the most satisfying training sessions todate.
Logged the 180km bike ride around Putrajaya/ Cyberjaya area. Was all by myself for almost 7 hours and averaged 27.4km/h, which is more or less my target speed for race day. The 35km run was done at Putrajaya too. Went 10 x Round About (at Precinct 1) in 3:39:14.
Hope to build up the mileage further. Time flies - I have only 5 more weeks to go b4 I start thinking about tapering in early February 2007.