Monday, May 29, 2006

Sleepy Days

I must have hurt my back while riding on Saturday morning (27 May 2006), my back was stiff by night time. It was really bad that I had difficulty rolling over in bed. I was suppose to ride with Don & gang to PD on Sunday but decided to rest at home instead. In fact, I ended up sleeping all day on Sunday and Monday (took MC on Monday).

Feeling much better now as I am writing this. I think I will skip my regular track session with Mr Chan and go for an easy swim by myself tomorrow.

Back In Training

Monday, 29 May 2006 - It took me 2 full months to recover both physically and mentally from IM Langkawi. Took things easy in March/April 2006 and resumed normal training since 1 May 2006.

Next target race is the Desaru tri (half IM) in early September 2006. Hope to dip below 6 hours at Desaru - my target since 2003.

Previous Results :

2003 - 6:36:02
2004 - 6:14:03
2005 - 6:05:40
But before that, I can't wait to race PD tri and MMDS in Putrajaya in July 2006.

NB Pacesetters 15k

Sunday, 21 May 2006 - Took part in this race for the first time. Given the hilly terrain, I hoped to finish the race in 1:15:00 (or 5 minutes per km pace). Glad I joined Mr Chan's long run training sessions, I have become quite familiar with the race course and the hills did not bother me too much. Thanks to the cool and cloudy weather, I ran a comfortable race. My split at 10km mark was 48:52 and I finished the race in 1:12:xx (unofficial time).