Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A lineup of races until February 2010.

Now, that's having a life....

Half Ironman @ Putrajaya

8 November 2009 - Manjung, Perak

27/2/10 - Langkawi


Some time ago.......

Saturday, September 19, 2009


29 August 2009

One week after riding thru a tropical storm enroute to Berjaya Hills Resort, I found myself running in yet another storm.

Was all set up to ride Kuota (from home), needed some time trial workouts but it started to rain as I was about to leave the house. Kuota, being brand new, I wasn't ready to ride it in the rain (that day will come but not today).

Didn't wake up at 6.30 a.m., had breakfast & all set for a bike workout but to go back to sleep at 7.30 a.m., simply because of rain. Without hesitation, I changed into my running gear and ran off at around 7.45 a.m.

It was just a drizzle at first but it started pouring dogs & cats 15 mins into my run - it was another storm. There wasn't any fallen tree this time round but it felt like running in a river on those uphill stretches (I choosed a multiple hilly loops at Saujana Puchong, some 3km from home).

As a parent, I would not allow my kids to play in the rain. But, there I was, a 40-something running around a neighbourhood in a storm. At 40 plus, I felt like a 14-year old. That was one of the many reasons why I love my sport. I get to do stuff I wouldn't allow my kids to do.

Logged a cool 15km run that morning. As for the storm, it was reduced to a drizzle in the last 3km of my run.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


22 August 2009 - Family trip to Berjaya Hills Resort (BHR)(f.k.a. Bkt Tinggi Resort) located along Karak Highway, after Genting Highlands inter-change.

Why drive, when I could ride - was the order of the day. Had many options but a direct ride from home to BHR would not suffice. So, I opted for something more challenging (the previous week's climb up Genting with Yip & Faisal boosted my confidence).
This was the route I took:-
Home (Mutiara Indah) - Bdr Bkt Puchong - Meranti - Cyberjaya - Putrajaya/ KL Highway - Kampung Pandan Round About - Ampang Park - Jln Ampang - Joo Ngan's - MRR2 - Ulu Klang Village (UK Village) - Zoo Negara - Batu Caves - Batu Dam - Ulu Yam Bahru (UYB) - Batang Kali - Gohtong Jaya - Genting Sempah - Janda Baik Junction - Bkt Tinggi Village - Karak Highway - BHR interchange - BHR

Bike : Trek
Time :0700 - 1600
Distance : 145km
Ave Speed : 19.5km/h
No. Of Stops : 4 (UK Village, Batu Dam, UYB & Gohtong J)
Weather Conditions : Mostly Cloudy + Tropical Storm

First stop was at UK Village, to re-visit the place where I spent the first 5 years of my life.

Site of my old home, Jln Gurun, UK Village - sold many years ago to fund my studies - now a parking lot.

Where I attended pre-school, now UK RC field.

Start Of Batu Dam Climb - short steep1km climb

Behind the climb - Batu Dam

Next stop was after Batu Dam, to fix a puncture. The clouds parted while I was at it & was baked under the hot late morning sun.


Quick Fix Needed
The flat didn't dampen my spirit, instead I thot the incident made the ride more interesting. Batu Dam to UYB was a breeze. Had brunch at UYB.

Delicious substitute to PowerBars

UYB Junction to Batang Kali

94km logged

It started to rain after brunch; I rode into a storm climbing to Gohtong Jaya via Batang Kali. There was a fallen tree that blocked the road somewhere after the Batang Kali River (BKR). Was tempted to stop at the rest area near BKR but decided otherwise. Rationale - I would definitely be shivering there & the place looked deserted. Pushing on kept me warm. Was soaking wet & cold by the time I got to Gohtong Jaya for lunch. The chicken rice I had at UYB was completed burnt off by then.
Lunch @ Gohtong Jaya,

Cold & Wet @ Gohtong Jaya

The cruise down to Sempah was bloody cold. Wished I had my wind breaker. The short climb after Gohtong Round-About was most welcoming & got me warmed up again.

Good old Trek - Now dedicated climbing bike (no more aerobars)

134km logged at base of Bkt Tinggi Resort, now Berjaya Hills Resort.
The final climb to BHR was a piece of cake. Approximately 9km with plenty of flats & down hill in between short steep climbs. The road signs showed 11 - 12 percent gradient thru out th 9k.

Reunited with tt & family at Colmar Tropicale at 4 p.m., 9 hours after I left home earlier that day.

After 9 hours of solitude, 145km in the bank & still smiling - had a good day in the open road!!!