Tuesday, December 29, 2009


21/12/09 - 27/12/09

Ironman Training is in full swing when:-

1) Pants are getting lose (again)
2) Acute Spousal Neglect Syndrome kicks in (this is bad!!)
3) Lunch at 5.00 p.m. (after long ride on weekends)
4) Becoming an absentee husband, son & father
5) "Out Training Again?"
6) Hit the pool at dawn before clocking in for work
7) "Sorry Bro, can't stay late - have to sleep early, training 2moro" on a Friday/ Saturday night
8) Time on the saddle (on long rides) = a full day at the office
9) Recovery week marked on my table calendar

MON, 21/12

Rested, need some recovery after long weekend of training

TUE, 22/12

Rested, TT's birthday - watched AVATAR (on leave)

WED, 23/12

(a.m.) Full medical check up (p.m.) Bike 60km (on leave)

THURS, 24/12

(a.m.) Swim 3,200m Drill at Celebrity Fitness (on leave)

FRI, 25/12

(a.m.) Bike 193km Solo + 4km run -same route as last week plus extra 5km riding into Precinct 1 of Putrajaya, lunch at 5 p.m.

Kouta Goes To Nottingham
Nottingham, Broga County
145km @ Jenderam
Storm Ahead @ Jenderam
SAT, 26/12

(a.m.) Run 31km solo - same route as last week (Home - LimKokWing (Cyberjaya) - Home).

SUN, 27/12

Rested, overslept & abandoned plan to ride Genting - felt tired & needed the rest.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Week 4 : 14/12/09 - 20/12/09

Another good week of training, which begins to feel like a 2nd job. A good way to move on with life (outside Bursa Malaysia).

Finally, logged in some serious miles on the bike and in running. Also for 1st time in years, I climbed Genting Sempah to Theme Park Hotel (Genting Highlands) on a bike non-stop. I think the last time I did a non-stop was back in 2005.
MON, 14/12
TUE, 15/12
WED, 16/12 :
(a.m.) SWIM 1x200 + 1x1600 + 1x200 @ CEL FIT (p.m.) CEL FIT CLOSED EARLY FOR STAFF DINNER....BLEK!!!
THURS, 17/12 :
(whole day) DIRECTORS' TRAINING FOR KARYON INDUSTRIES BERHAD IN JOHOR BAHRU (can you believe this......I was the trainer)
FRI, 18/12 :
(a.m.) BIKE 188km SOLO

Started at 6.40 a.m. & finished at 2.20 p.m. Started from home in Puchong - Bdr Bkt Puchong 2 (BBP2) - Meranti - Cyberjaya - South Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE) - Country Heights - Kajang - Cheras 9th Mile - 14th Mile - 18th Mile - Sg Gabai - Peres Junction - Semenyih Dam - Nirvana - Semenyih - Broga - Lenggeng - Mantin - Nilai - Salak Tinggi - Jenderam - Persiaran Selatan (Putrajaya) - Putrajaya Convention Centre - LimKokWing (Cyberjaya) - Meranti - BBP2 - Home.
Missed riding this massive loop. Last done in Feb 2008 (in prep for IM Langkawi 2008). Missed the open road & the solitude.

Peres Junction - Near Semenyih Dam

Visited Dad at Nirvana

Good to be back at Mantin

Post 188km With New Cycling Jersey

SATURDAY, 19/12 :
(a.m.) RUN 31 km SOLO
Home - Meranti - Cyberjaya - LimKokWing - Meranti - Home.
1st > 30km run since Feb 2008. Gonna need more Power Gels - was weak in last 5km. Had flashbacks of those miserable days when I drove home from work while still at RHB. I would drive pass this area & thot I would never run to LimKokWing again.
SUNDAY, 20/12
International Islamic University (UIA, Gombak) - Orang Asli Hospital (OAH) - Genting Sempah - Gohtong Jaya - Awana Genting - Pagoda - Theme Park Hotel - First World Hotel - Mushroom Park - Amber Court - Pagoda - Awana Genting - Gohtong Jaya - Genting Sempah - OAH - UIA
In October 2008, I told myself that I will one day regain my previous fitness & climb Sempah - Theme Park Non-Stop http://cheekaimun.blogspot.com/2008/10/pagoda-with-zero-training.html .
A little more than a year later, I did just that. A slighly weaker mind, I would have abandon the climb at Genting Sempah. A fellow cyclist pointed out to me that I storm was brewing up ahead when I stopped to replenish my carbs at Sempah. I might have been unsure of myself lately but at that moment I only had one thot on my mind - (like they say at Powerman Malaysia) "Rain Or Shine, I Climb!!!"
Felt the difference of Trek bike with Rolf wheels, so light I knew I was going to have a good climb right from the start (have always climbed with old Cadex & Genting Fun Ride in August 2009 was Trek with Shimano wheels http://cheekaimun.blogspot.com/2009/08/genting-fun-run.html).
Started to drizzle as I passed the 1st guard house at base of climb and stayed that way until I reach the top. Split at Pagoda was at 1:18:42; Pagoda - Theme Park 19:42; overall Sempah - Theme Park 1:38:25 (less than 5 mins slower than my all time best 1:33:55 logged in 2005).
Still Panting Hard - Waited For My Cuppa

Visibility 100m

Alone & Cold And ......

This Is Not In Malaysia!!??

Super Bikers Who Applauded My Finish At Old Town Coffee - overheard them saying something about ppl doing Ironman & that they bike, run & swim. Wanted to tell them that I am one such ppl & we swim, bike & run (in that order).

RM14k Worth Of Machinery ("without engine, somemore") - Worth Every Sen.

Route To Amber Court - where you literally vanish into thin air 100m ahead
De javu @ Amber Court Guard House - did the ride in similar conditions many years ago, where Sempah - Theme Park was not enough & extended ride to Amber Court.
Descented from the peak slowly - was cold & shivering. The short climb after Gohtong Jaya was most welcoming & helped warm up the body somewhat.
Back To UIA - the old Bentong Road, winding & quiet. The climb from UIA to Sempah earlier in the morning seemed like ages ago. Was still full of energy & attacked every corner during the last 21km descent. Would turn my head to listen for on-coming traffic at every corner & hammer the cranks upon visual confirmation of a clear road behind each. Found myself racing with a motorcyclist for a kilometer or two & had a light pick-up truck tailing me for a couple more.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Week 3 : 7/12/09 - 13/12/09

It's tough juggling family, work, social & training time - there's only 24 hours in a day. Another particulary busy week as far as non-training commitments are concerned.

Monday, 7/12 : (p.m.) Bike Hill Repeats @ Saujana Puchong (returned from Melaka trip with the family at 4p.m. & went out at 5.30 p.m. for a short hill workout. 1 hour ride & did 8 repeats at a hill in Saujana Puchong)

Tuesday, 8/12 : Run Tmill at Celebrity Fitness, Mid Valley ("Cel Fit") after work (1km warm-up + 10km random inclines + 5mins cool down + 20min stretching)

Wed, 9/12 : (a.m.) Swim 1,800m @Cel Fit (Drills) (p.m.) Bike 1 hour Flying Wheels @ Cel Fit (Good to double despite having to attend dinner with boss & officials from Cambodian Securities Commission)

Thurs, 10/12 : Run Tmill at Cel Fit after work (1km warm-up + 10km random inclines + 5mins cool down + 20mins stretching)

Fri, 11/12 : (a.m.) Swim 2,200m @ Cel Fit (Drills) (Skipped training in the evening to have re-union dinner & drinks with old friends Mike Cheah & Jeff Hong)

Sat, 12/12 : Skipped training for white water rafting at Slim River, Tanjong Malim with Mike Cheah, Ah Seong & Chee Khoon. A long over due trip that I was suppose to organise for Mike Cheah, an old fren who is based in Hong Kong.
Ah Seong, Mike, CKM & Chee Khoon
Listen Up - Briefing By River Guides
The Main Drop
A Good Break From Split Time, Drafting, Brick Training, Swimming Drills, PowerGels, Gatorade
40 Something
Sun 13/12 : (a.m.) Volunteered as race marshall for Chin Woo Biathlon. They were short handed & it was only right for me to help out. (p.m.) Ran 15km in the evening from home to & around Saujana Puchong and back.
Mak Chin Kow at Chin Woo Biathlon - A Triathlete In The Making ???

Thursday, December 10, 2009


WTF - Just because I had a haircut, I was accused of trying to look younger & reminded that I have a 12 year-old son.

Monday, December 07, 2009


30/11/09 - 6/12/09

After so many years in the sport, I thot I could take on anything that comes around. But there were certain ting that I couldn't handle & made me quite miserable, including the Monday after a long weekend of training....it seemed harder to recover from heavy workouts these days. Not sure how the body is going to handle heavier workloads, which is a must simply to be race fit (i.e. simply getting to the starting line).

Monday, 30/11 - Rest

Tuesday, 1/12 - (p.m.) - Run Treadmill 8km Random Inclines @ Celebrity Fitness, Mid Valley (Cel Fit)

Wednesday, 2/12 (a.m.) - Swim 2,000m Drills @ Cel Fit
(p.m.) Run Tmill 7km Intervals @ Cel Fit (wanted to do a 10km but ended with 7k, felt tired)

Thurday, 3/12 (a.m.) - Swim 2,200m Drills @ Cel Fit
(p.m.) Bumped into an old fren on the way to Cel Fit, skipped training & had a drink instead

Friday, 4/12 (p.m.) Swim 2,000 Drills @ Chin Woo

Saturday, 5/12 (a.m.) Bike 90km Puchong (Home) - Cyberjaya - Putrajaya - Puchong (quick & short ride, started at 6.00 a.m. before trip to Melaka to spend the weekend with Iain & Chung Hwa)

Sunday, 6/12 - Rest (Weekend in Melaka, watched 2012 with the boys)