Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Run Focus Before The Big Ride

27 April 2017, Thursday, Night Run

Back to training at Putrajaya, ran 18.62km solo and clocked 2:04:30. Ran the usual route from the swimming pool to PM's Office and back, with a slight extension to the PICC. Not in my best form but was happy to be back running there spending some alone time.

28 April 2017, Friday, Treadmill

Wanted to do my usual 1km warm-up + 10km Hard + 1km (EZ), but only managed to to 8km Hard instead. Just couldn't recover from the run the night before.

30 April 2017, Sunday, Long Ride

Rode with Lee and Don at Putrajaya. They started from the swimming pool in Putrajaya, I started from home. 

Felt tired and slow thru'out the whole ride, despite a good rest on Saturday. Nevertheless, finished the day with the longest ride this season at 157km by the time I got home.

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